Water Trailers Available from Wastecorp

Water trailer for dust control, landscaping, paving companies, cement cutting applications

Water Trailer

Wastecorp is pleased to announce our water trailer pump products based on our award winning honey wagon pump out platform. Water trailers, (also referred to as  “Water Buffalo”) provide fresh water distribution using a higher pressure trash pump or diaphragm pump.  These water distribution systems are used to control dust on construction sites, cement cutting water needs, landscaping, paving companies, special venue water services and military water distribution needs.

Water Trailer Tank Sizes

Wastecorp water trailers are available in sizes ranging from 150-5000 gallons directly from Wastecorp or qualified dealers in the USA or Canada. The best part is, your water trailer is manufactured by Wastecorp Pumps with hosing, check plate galvanized deck material and frame, so you’re getting a professional system by a professional ISO 9001 certified water trailer manufacturer.

Water Trailer Fill Options

  • Wastecorp water trailers can be filled by municipal fire hydrant, fresh water ponds or garden hose.
Military Water Trailer

Water Trailer for military applications


  • Choose from an automatic start Trash Flow TFX-3 Trash pump or Mud Sucker Diaphragm pump.


  • Black Polyethylene (prevents harmful Ultraviolet rays, algae growth) designed for long term storage
  • Translucent polyethylene: Designed for constant use with water markers to easily identify contents
  • Stainless steel tank with choice of inner liner – Designed for military and special purpose applications, you choose the stainless steel water tank and liner for your application


  • Fiber glass or steel step fenders
  • Zinc coated hardware
  • Complete hose system
  • Fire hose package available
  • Military hose package available

Water trailer - Golf Cart Mount

Water Trailer Golf Cart Model

Water Trailer Photos
725 Gallon Water Trailer With Black Tank

725 Gallon Water Trailer With Black Tank

1000 Gallon Water Trailer

1000 gallon water trailer on a construction site. Optional Reel Craft hose reel shown

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