Portable Toilet Septic Pumps

Portable Toilet Septic Pump
Portable Toilet Septic Pump

With outdoor concerts, camping and street festivals quickly approaching, many municipalities and festival organizers are trying to reduce their septic pumping bills for these events while providing effective and efficient portable toilet sanitation.

Michael M. from Raleigh, NC, recently contacted Wastecorp with a question that we often get:

I have a question: can your mobile honey wagon pump outs be used to service portable toilets and porta pottys? If the answer is yes, how does it pump out the waste? We are having an outdoor arts festival in our town with about 2000 attendees expected. We plan on having at least 30 portable toilets spread out over 5 city blocks. What size of pump out would we need?

To answer Michael’s question, we have over 20 models suitable for portable toilet pumping that is clean and cost effective to operate. For the average street festival, at least 20-40 portable toilets are necessary for visitors. The most popular septic pump out for these types of applications is the HW-100 gallon pump out shown here. This system comes equipped with a three way valve system so you can pump out the waste water into the tank and then pump it out by a twist of the valve. To service the toilets, you simply insert the potty wand  which is included and suck out the waste. You never come into contact with the septic waste. The potty wand attachment is almost 3 ft. long, preventing contact with waste.   When it is time to empty the tank, you simply turn on the electric or gas motor and pump it out at an approved dump station or wastewater treatment facility. Have a great festival Michael and we’re glad we could answer your question.