Diaphragm Pumpshttp://www.wastecorp.com/diaphragm-pumps.html

Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pumps are North America’s favorite diaphragm pump brand. With flapper valve and professional solids handling models available, you have a choice of over 100 models with available electric, gas, diesel, hydraulic and air operated drive systems available. Connection sizes range from 2”-4” with single and double diaphragm pump models available. From wastewater, waste oil and food processing waste to solids and slurry applications, you can pump up to 280 GPM at 22 psi max with Mud Sucker Pumps


Trash Pumps – links to http://www.wastecorp.com/trash-pumps.html

If solids handling engine or electric driven trash pumps are on your mind, then Trash Flow Trash pumps are your quick answer for municipal or industrial wastewater handling applications.


Double Disc Pumps http://www.wastecorp.com/disc-pumps.html

The Sludge Pro double disc pump product line consists of eight pump models ranging from single disc, double disc pumps, triplex and quadruplex configurations. Sludge Pro’s pump up to 502 GPM and feature a leak free design with no regular maintenance required. We offer long lasting trunnions, discs and ball valves for the ultimate pumping experience.


Plunger Pumpshttp://www.wastecorp.com/plunger-pumps.html

Sludge Master Plunger Pumps are positive displacement pumps designed for a wide variety of sludge pumping applications at municipal wastewater treatment plants and industrial solidshandling applications. Sludge Master pumps are designed for thick, heavy sludge and are available in 7”, 9” or 11” plunger sizes.


Honey Wagons http://www.wastecorp.com/mudsucker/honeywagon.html

Waste containment systems also referred to as Honey wagons are waste storage systems in mobile or stationary configurations. These systems are designed to temporarily hold  septic waste, wastewater, waste oil and other waste. Tanks sizes range from 25 gallons to over 5000 gallons


Water Trailers http://www.wastecorp.com/mudsucker/water-trailer.html

Water trailers temporarily hold potable water and are used by construction sites, public works agencies and small and large corporations. Most water trailers are mounted on a trailer frame and have electric brakes and government approved lighting packages. Tanks sizes range from 300 gallons to over 5000 gallons


Grout Pumps  http://www.wastecorp.com/mudsucker/grout-pump.html

Wastecorp manufactures a full line of hand operated grout pumps for public works and professional contractor jobs. Sludge Sucker grout pumps are designed for resin and cementitious material such as Grout with a slump of 10” or more (not recommended for epoxy-type grout)


Hand Pumps http://www.wastecorp.com/mudsucker/hand-pump.html

Sludge Sucker hand pumps use manual diaphragm pump technology to pump a variety of wastewater, water, sewage and more. Connection sizes are available in 1”, 1 1Ž2” and 2”.

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