Plunger Pump Parts – The Guided Plunger Assembly

Plunger Pump With Guided Plunger

Plunger Pump With Guided Plunger

A new retrofit package for plunger pumps has become increasingly popular over the last few months at sewage treatment plants. It’s called the guided plunger assembly and its popular because we can retrofit any make of plunger pump to include this time and budget saving solution. Wastecorp engineers our new plunger pumps with this option, but it’s the first time we can offer this package for any pump model going as far back as the 1970’s.

As the name implies, this system guides the plunger in a more stable motion through the entire stroke using a size specific guide bar and bearing package for your pump model. This prevents plunger slide and reduces side load. But the real secret of this system is in our redesigned roller bearing system that last up to 200 times longer than conventional guide shoes. Tolerances are set to Wastecorp’s 0.0015” nom. No lubrication is required which helps to extend plunger and packing life. A size specific assembly is engineered for over 200 makes and models.

To get more information on the guided plunger assembly, find the make and model of your plunger pump (the serial and spec numbers help too) and contact a technical support representative at 1-888-829-2783 or e-mail

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