New Pump for Oil Spill and Flood Clean Up

disaster relief pump system.

Emergency management, disaster relief pump system. Pump contains wastewater and oil. Helps to reduce chances of further contamination after a disaster event.

Disasters like oil spills, floods, hurricanes and overflowing sewers can happen at any time, that’s why Wastecorp has launched the new MS-HW-Recovery™, a new pump out plus fresh water distribution system. Government disaster management agencies and contractors can now contain waste water, slurry, oil and provide wash down services with one unit.

“The Wastecorp MS-HW-Recovery is helping contractors and disaster management agencies all along the Gulf Coast to clean up after the oil spill with an all-in-one pump out /water distribution solution,” said Dan Starr, Wastecorp Pumps Marketing and Communications Director. “When you can pump out waste oil and provide fresh water wash down services with one unit, the clean up effort can move more quickly.”

MS-HW-Recovery pumps are targeted for emergency management agencies, city environmental protection agencies, municipalities, commercial contractors and businesses seeking a professional waste collection system with water distribution services. Since customers’ pumping and specification needs are different, the MS-HW-Recovery is available in a variety of configurations, tank materials of construction and pump options.

About The MS-HW-Recovery Pump System

  • The end user can choose between 200 and 2000 gallon waste holding tanks
  • Fresh water distribution tanks between 50 and 500 gallon sizes
  • The heavy duty, industry leading, Mud Sucker Diaphragm pump is the backbone behind wastewater/oil handling services with 1.5″-4″ units with wastewater transfer ranging from 20-160 gallons per minute (GPM)
  • Water delivery pumps are available in high or low pressure models and can provide fresh water distribution ranging from 20-264 GPM
  • Elliptical or flat bottom tanks
  • Choice of government approved highway trailers with lighting package or off-road models
  • Standard three way valve system helps to pump waste both into or out of the tank
  • Premium crush proof suction hosing in a variety of lengths
  • Industrial grade water hoses from 50 -100 ft.
  • Attachments to fill the water tank from a municipal fire hydrant, public waterway, ponds or a garden hose

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SOURCE: Wastecorp

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