New Manual Grout Pump Packages

Professional Manual Grout Pump

Manual Grout Pump

As a new season approaches, contractors and public works crews will be busy with traffic divider grouting, mud jacking and all sorts of commercial grout pumping applications. If you’re looking for a professional manual grout pump where a full size grout rigger cannot reach we now offer two new packages that are suited for your specific grout pump application


Package 1 includes our standard Sludge Sucker professional grout pump mounted on a pedestal for heavy duty grouting jobs. This package includes a 14 qt. hopper funnel and the new grout injector tool that attaches to the heavy duty crush proof hosing.

Grout Pump Package 1

Grout Pump Package 1

Package 2 includes the Sludge Sucker professional grout pump mounted on a heavy duty PVC carrying board for easy transportation around your job site.

Grout Pump - Easy Transport

Grout Pump – Package 2

The Sludge Sucker grout pump is designed for professional applications with a heavy duty aluminum pump body, neoprene diaphragm and quick action lever. This pump is ideal for Machine base grouting, mud-jacking, door bucks, void filling, piling encasements, post tensioning, rock/soil anchors, pre cast tunnel joints, waterproofing, pipe jacking slurry, tunnel liners, pre-cast tilt-up


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