Marina Pump Outs and The New MARPOL Annex V


Marina Pump Outs for New MARPOL Regulations

Marina Pump Outs for New MARPOL Regulations

As many marinas know, the new MARPOL Annex 5 which prohibits disposal of garbage from ships, yachts and boats (which includes certain types of wastewater) have come into effect as of January 1, 2013. The new regulations set specific requirements for disposing of black water, cooking oil, grey water, residues, liquid detergents and animal waste. What has happened since then, is an influx of concerned pleasure boat marina operators asking what can be installed to help satisfy the MARPOL requirements and how much it will cost to implement a pump out system for yachts and super yachts? We provide some suggestions on pump outs below.

Compact Pump Out Systems

Compact Marine Pump Out

Compact Marine Pump Out

For marinas with access to a municipal sewer system line close to the facility, a compact pump out systems such as you see here can pump out yachts from 7 meters to 67 meters (25’-225’). Essentially what happens here is that pedestal pump outs are positioned in convenient areas around the marina and then simply connect to the sewer line in the boat or yacht. Most marinas select an electric driven diaphragm pump system because there is less noise and no requirement for fuel (an engine driven system is also available). Now, this pump out can be equipped with a vacuum pump system but most marinas and boaters have come to realize that vac systems are loud and bulky. Costs range from $3,500 USD -$6,000 USD.

Pump Out Septic Truck Service

In the past, many marinas along the French and Italian Riviera, Spain marinas and U.K. marinas have decided to hire a septic service to pump out waste from boats. These marinas know all too well that this is a very expensive method and is visually displeasing. But with lack of education about pump out options, many marinas have had no choice. Costs for septic truck services range from $500 USD -$2,000 USD per month depending on the amount of boat slips your marina has.

Bilge Waste Containment Systems

Marina Pump Out - Containment Method

Marina Pump Out – Containment Method

In North America, many marinas know these has honey wagons, but generally, these are mobile waste containment systems. What marinas can do here is either mount the containment system on the dock or inside an enclosure for aesthetic purposes. When the tank is full, the marina can discharge into the sewage system for proper treatment or take the unit on a pick up truck or cargo van to the closest approved dump station.

The MARPOL Annex V may be  a new regulation, but it does not need to be confusing. By preventing boaters from discharging into harbors and the sea, we protect and rejuvenate our marine environment. And, with the pump out technology available today it does not need to be costly for marinas to implement or difficult to install. Cost of a waste containment system range from $2,500 – $8,000 USD.

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