Double Disc Pumps and Municipal Sewage Pumping

Double Disc Pump

Double Disc Pump

For years, we have been asking wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) what they like about double disc pumps and what they don’t like. We have even been compiling a database with what regions of the USA and Canada have success with this type of pump for sewage and which areas have had more challenges.

One of the things that most WWTP’s say is that there has been limited competition in the specifications put out for bid by municipalities and consulting engineers working on wastewater projects.  As we all know, a monopoly in the pump industry is seldom a good thing for quality, innovation and of course pricing for pumps and parts. There have also been some stop and starts with competing technology from underfinanced companies trying to knock off the design with “dia-disk” pumps, etc.

The other major suggestion from operators is that double disc pumps have to be able to handle grit and solids more effectively. Otherwise they say, they would rather go with a plunger pump, rotary lobe pump or a progressive cavity pump.

Double Disc Pump Choices

Double Disc Pump choices

So a few years ago, Wastecorp put is 22 year pump manufacturing excellence trach record on the line and launched a double disc pump product line under the brand name Sludge Pro®. We took into account all of the things facilities like and don’t like about the disc pump. Now, to be clear, the Sludge Pro Double Disc Pump is not a Penn Valley clone. After all, Wastecorp has over 22 years of experience designing and manufacturing some of the most advanced sewage pumping equipment in the world.

The Sludge Pro double disc pump takes the best elements of disc pump technology and combines a check ball design to manage heavier sewage and sludge. Wastecorp offers over 30 variations of the double disc pump with 3”, 4” and 6” connections with fluid handling capabilities up to 300 GPM. The pumps can also manage higher operating pressures with maximum discharge head capabilities up to 184’ or 80 psi. Unlike the Penn Valley pumps you can get single or double disc configurations depending on your needs.

With no regular maintenance required and a leak-free design, the Sludge Pro is operator friendly. There is no regular lubrication required or fiddling around with component adjustment. The best part is, Wastecorp offers a free trial program called “Try before you buy” for all double disc pump models. You call 1-888-829-2783 and a technical support representative helps you size the correct pump for your application and you’re done. You can also contact Marc Johnson at for more information about this exciting new alternative in double disc pump technology.

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