Diaphragm Pump Fleet Options

diaphragm pump fleet options

Diaphragm pump fleet options

Recently, many industries ranging from food processing companies, miners, agribusiness, and companies with general wastewater pumping requirements such as pump rental companies have been inquiring about how to standardize their diaphragm pump fleets. Steve R, from Gainesville GA sells pumps all over the Southern United States include North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas and more. We have worked with Steve on standardizing fleets for well known meat packers, poultry producers and multinational construction equipment rental companies before. His recent comments exemplify increasing inquiries we are getting of this nature.

“Hi, you recently sold 35 Mud Sucker 3FA diaphragm pumps with control panels to a client of mine in the food processing sector. Another one of my customers went to visit these pump installations and like the capabilities of the diaphragm pumps and the panels you designed for them. This new application involves installing quantity 68, Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pump units at car wash bays for a luxury automobile brand across 14 states. All the diaphragm pumps need to be the same and you would need to host a national training event for the pump operators. Can Wastecorp help with this?” Thank you, Steve R. Gainesville, GA USA.

Diaphragm pump manufacturer for fleets

Diaphragm pump manufacturer for fleets

Hello again, Steve, well as you know the Mud Sucker has pretty much become the preferred diaphragm pump brand in America due to the quality, engineering support, low life cycle costs and factory support to the end user that we offer. We have spoken to the Texas based consulting engineering firm on this project and he is aware that you are involved as well. What we have done with the engineer is worked out the foot print for the pump and how the piping arrangement will work since the wash bays are all the same as well. We are recommending fewer elbows in the process because as you know, wash bays can involve a lot of grit and we don’t want the grit to get stuck in the elbows. Also, we are recommending the same Mud Sucker 3FA Series Diaphragm pumps complete with remote start and stop function and an estop and start on the panel itself. We are also designing the pump with pressure relief valves in the event of over pressurization of the pump.

We host national training events all the time either at our local pump distributor’s facility or at hotel conference centers closer to the end user (which ever works best). We bring a sample actual diaphragm pump to the training event, tear it apart and then put it back together again. This way all the pump operators will get the chance to see how typical maintenance procedures are done. The other way we can do it is bring the Wastecorp pump trailer to a training event and do the training inside our trailer. We will leave it to you to see what works best for the client.

For help standardizing a fleet of diaphragm pumps for your facility or client contact Marc Johnson at mj@wastecorp.com 1-888-829-2783 or visit www.wastecorp.com

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