Water Trailers Available from Wastecorp

Water trailer for dust control, landscaping, paving companies, cement cutting applications

Water Trailer

Wastecorp is pleased to announce our water trailer pump products based on our award winning honey wagon pump out platform. Water trailers, (also referred to as  “Water Buffalo”) provide fresh water distribution using a higher pressure trash pump or diaphragm pump.  These water distribution systems are used to control dust on construction sites, cement cutting water needs, landscaping, paving companies, special venue water services and military water distribution needs.

Water Trailer Tank Sizes

Wastecorp water trailers are available in sizes ranging from 150-5000 gallons directly from Wastecorp or qualified dealers in the USA or Canada. The best part is, your water trailer is manufactured by Wastecorp Pumps with hosing, check plate galvanized deck material and frame, so you’re getting a professional system by a professional ISO 9001 certified water trailer manufacturer. Continue reading

Drinking Water Transportation Systems

Water Trailer approved for drinking water transportation

Water Trailer approved for drinking water transportation

One of the questions we get from municipal emergency management agencies and larger corporations is if there is an economical method of providing clean drinking water via trailer or skid. Gilbert K from Clay County TN exemplifies some of the concerns about providing potable water in his community:

We have a rural community of about 20 residents where drinking water is not always accessible. A water truck service has been costing us a fortune to fill the residential drinking water tanks serving the homes. We are trying to reduce our budget by possibly investing in our own water trailer system but the unit has to be safe for storing and dispensing drinking water. We would be filling the water trailer either at the municipal water treatment plant 20 miles away or by a fire hydrant closer to the community. We also want to make sure that an F-150 truck can safely tow this trailer full. Please provide suggestions and a budgetary proposal. Thank you Gilbert – Clay County, TN USA.

Gilbert, you have a lot of options to provide your own municipal drinking water transportation system. We call it a Continue reading

Water Transport Systems for Cattle and Horse Ranches

Water Trailers for Horse and Cattle Farm Use

Water Trailers for Horse and Cattle Farm Use

Lately, Wastecorp has been receiving an influx of concerned phone calls from ranchers and farmers looking for portable water transportation systems to manage rainfall shortages across wide areas of farmland and grazing fields. In some areas of the Western United States and parts of Western Canada, drought like conditions is affecting everything from fruit and vegetable production to livestock numbers. This affects the livelihoods of ranchers, farmers and the average consumer with higher prices at the grocery store.

What we typically tell customers when they call in for water trailer recommendations, “You should only need to buy a water trailer once, and when you do so, do it right. Don’t cut corners.” In the water trailer business, doing it right means constructing a trailer frame that will withstand the elements from blazing hot sun to colder, temperatures, dirt, and dust.

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And, that’s exactly the way Wastecorp builds every water trailer that leaves our factory. Every trailer gets completely dipped in galvanizing solution to resist corrosion for years to come.  We also work with you to determine what accessories you need now or may need down the road. This includes rear sprayers or side sprayers to water dirt roads, horse arenas or stables.  All hosing is premium industrial grade in various lengths to wash down cattle or water vegetables. Our pumps are heavy duty, high-pressure water delivery pumps designed to provide the correct output for your application. We also create large port openings in the tank so you can fill the tank from a lake, fire hydrant or garden hose. The best part is, Wastecorp offers over 10 tank sizes and trailer configurations. This allows you to get the water trailer you need and within your budget. The one thing you should never compromise on is a professionally designed water trailer that last for years to come.

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New 1025 Gallon Skidded Water Wagon


Skid Mounted Water Wagon

Skid Mounted Water Wagon

Wastecorp is pleased to launch our new exclusively designed skidded water wagon with lifting bail. The 1025 skid mounted water wagon shown here is part of Wastecorp’s growing family of water trailer products for dust control, construction sites and fresh water delivery for any purpose. The skid mounted water distribution system was recently commissioned as a fleet solution for a Toronto  based construction company. Continue reading

Why Do Some Water Trailers Have Black Tanks?

525 Gallon Water Trailer With Black Tank to Reduce Algae

525 Gallon Water Trailer With Black Tank to Reduce Algae

One of the most popular questions customers ask when trying to find the right water trailer for their needs is why do some water trailers have black or green tanks? The answer is simple, black or green tanks help to reduce algae growth in the water tanks. This is especially helpful if the water will be used for drinking water or livestock watering needs.

Who Buys Water Trailers With Black Tanks?

Water trailers with black tanks are especially popular for applications that require potable water. The black polyethylene tanks help to reduce algae growth.  Black tank water trailers are popular among marathon, triathlon, iron man and cycling organizations that regularly hold events where clean, potable water is a must. Neighborhood Associations hosting street fairs use these water trailers for needs involving outdoor cooking and attractions involving water rides.

How Can Our Association Reduce The Costs With Buying a Water Trailer?

Many of our running club customers and neighborhood associations team up with other groups in their area and split the cost of the water trailer. This ensures that the water trailer is used regularly and in most cases ends up being an excellent long term investment versus having to call in a water truck service. This requires some planning, but you’ll be amazed on how many groups need a water trailer but are looking for a partner to defray the costs. Ask other associations in your area and you might get the answers you’re looking for.

525 gallon water trailer features

525 gallon water trailer features

No matter if you ultimately decide on a translucent or black tank, make sure the water trailer is well built by a reputable manufacturer. This ensures proper safety when towing on public roads and overall reliability. The deck and piping you see on the 525 gallon water trailer above is manufactured by Wastecorp. It features a galvanized diamond plate deck material which resists corrosion from the elements. The same goes for trailer frame. The valves are all brass and the hosing material is industrial grade rubber which is designed for constant use.