Pumping Out Tanks With Diaphragm Pumps

Mobile Diaphragm Pump

You name the tank that needs to be pumped out and we have heard of at least a few customer applications that correspond with that tank. Underground septic tanks, lagoon transfer, transport truck tankers, locomotive tankers, waste pits and waste vegetable oil drums are among the most popular. What you have to keep in mind is that in most of these applications, you will need a pump that can easily maneuver in areas to access the discharge valve or at least some place where you can place the suction hose.

Randy K. from Columbus, GA, contacted Wastecorp about his settling tank pump out operation:

“I Need assistance to find the correct pumps to transfer mud consistency wastewater, brackish water and abrasive media out of settling tanks at a mining application we have. We have a need for three or four pumps that need to be mobile. We have been told that a diaphragm pump with check balls might work. The pump also needs to be able to handle gritty waste water and slurry. We are pumping up around 8-10’ and pumping out vertically to a screen another 60’ What do you recommend?” Randy K. Columbus GA.

Well Randy, it has long been known in the pump business that when you have a variety of media to pump, your pump must be versatile. The Mud Sucker B Series Professional diaphragm pump is one of those products. Take the Mud Sucker® 3B Series you see in the photo above. This is being transported around a six mile long public space along New York City’s West side. This Mud Sucker pumps everything from septic waste, cleaning up construction wastewater containing aggregate, waste vegetable oil from City operated restaurants and more. The check balls help to manage the solids and if something should get stuck in the pump you simply unbolt the valve covers, remove the check ball, find the blockage and you’re back in business. This is like a 5-10 minute process.

The Mud Sucker® B Series can pump up to 80 GPM and transfer fluids up to 300’ vertically so you will have plenty of pumping power. Keep in mind, that as wastewater gets thicker these values can vary. The pump you see above is shown with an off road utility trailer that we manufactured for the client’s needs. This is a heavy duty trailer but adapts to the tight New York City spaces that the pump must maneuver through. The best part is, we can manufacture these pumps and trailer systems specifically for your needs with hose bins, lockable storage containers and tanks for waste water collection and fresh water distribution. More information can be found at www.wastecorp.com or by calling 1-888-829-2783.

Double Disc Pump Comparison: The State of the Double Disc Pump Business

Compare Penn Valley and Sludge Pro Double Disc Pumps

Double Disc Pump

Wastecorp was recently at WEFTEC exhibiting our newest double disc pumps for the municipal wastewater treatment market and industrial fluid handling space. Wastecorp’s Sludge Pro double disc pump marketing program continues to focus on building awareness with WWTP operators and consulting engineers that competition exists in the double disc pump space and the market offers a more robust alternative than traditionally known.

We have noticed that when a double disc pump for a WWTP upgrade or expansion goes to the planning stage and/or bid stage, we get calls from consulting engineers saying that the competition or their pump distributor make misleading or incomplete statements about double disc pump competition. What it boils down to is trying to eliminate competition. In America, we call this an attempt to create a monopoly. History has shown that monopolies are seldom good for competition in the pump business or any other business for that matter. History has also shown that monopolies in the United States aren’t looked at favorably by either regulators or the public. Continue reading

Diaphragm Pumps Now Available With Control Panels

Diaphragm Pump with Control Panel

Diaphragm Pump with Control Panel

One of the trending customer requests this past year is custom diaphragm pump stations equipped with control panels and mobility options. To give you an example (and some ideas for your own pump application), one of our customers who happens to be one of the largest snack food producers globally, contacted Wastecorp’s engineering department asking for design proposals for a 3″ diaphragm pump out system complete with a mobility kit and the ability to directly control the pump operation. The diaphragm pump unit needed to be manufactured to maneuver easily on the factory floor aisles with custom dimensions. The pumps  travel throughout the facility transferring chocolate based waste slurry and vegetable oil residues.

Look to the left and this is what our pump engineers came up with. This is the 3FA-EC diaphragm pump control panel model with e-stop, push bottom start and a specialized float system which detects when the pump should begin operating and automatically turn off.   The customer ended up ordering 10 units for other facilities. The best part of this case study is that Wastecorp and our customer are in constant contact reviewing the benefits of the pump system and making design changes for future facility needs. We work one-on-one for custom results and constant improvement.


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Pumps: How to Maintain a Continuous Flow and Minimize Pulsation

Pulsation dampening wastewater pumps

Pulsation dampening wastewater pumps

With pumping applications, one of the challenges you face especially when pumping thinner liquids, is to maintain continuous flow without “jerking the hose” or disruptions in pump productivity. One of the consulting engineering firms we have worked with in California illustrates this point well:

“We recently specified your Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pump for one of our client’s projects. The contractor must now provide a continuous flow, as much as possible. While this is a solids handling pumping application, the client frequently has to pump thinner fluids. He has found that there is “jerking in the hose” for lack of a better term when pumping thinner water like consistency. What do you recommend as a solution for this issue.” Thanks – Josh M. Sacremento, CA

Josh, pulsation dampeners are a time tested solution for many continuous flow issues pump operators have. Wastecorp manufactures air chambers for every diaphragm pump model we sell. While we prefer to specify these with the pump at the design stage, there is no problem in sending these for contractor installation for the current set up. All we need are some photos of the existing application configuration and we can go from there.

pulsation dampening for wastewater pumps

pulsation dampening for wastewater pumps

Positive displacement pumps by nature, generate a pulsating flow. When the ball flapper valve opens and closes, the momentum of the liquid reacts in the form of water hammer, which is absorbed by the hose or pipe. By installing a pulsation dampener, it will act as surge suppressor and reduce turbulence in the pipe. The increased volumetric expansion and absorption of the fluid results in a substation reduction of water hammer, as the below graph illustrates.

For more information on pumps with surge suppressors, pulsations dampeners and air chambers visit wastecorp.com or call 1-888-829-2783.

A New Pump Out Caddy for Multiple Uses

Honey wagon caddy WC-25

Honey wagon caddy WC-25

One of the things about our honey wagon pump out systems that continues to amaze us is just how many applications our customers use them for. While originally designed for marinas, RV pump outs and locomotive holding tank pump outs, customers are using Wastecorp honey wagons for industrial holding tanks, residential use and much more. And, the new Wastecorp Pump Out Caddy is no different.

The WC-25 caddy features the heavy duty Sludge Sucker hand pump complete with a premium Buna-N diaphragm and marine grade aluminum pump body. Plus, you can easily check tank levels with our markers on the side of the heavy duty polyethylene holding tank. With the WC-25, you get everything you need to start pumping fast including universal adapters designed to connect to any RV or vessel.

If your application involves marine bilge waste, black or grey water or many other fluids, check out the compact and versatile Wastecorp Honey Wagon WC-25 today.

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