Diaphragm Pumps Now Available With Control Panels

Diaphragm Pump with Control Panel

Diaphragm Pump with Control Panel

One of the trending customer requests this past year is custom diaphragm pump stations equipped with control panels and mobility options. To give you an example (and some ideas for your own pump application), one of our customers who happens to be one of the largest snack food producers globally, contacted Wastecorp’s engineering department asking for design proposals for a 3″ diaphragm pump out system complete with a mobility kit and the ability to directly control the pump operation. The diaphragm pump unit needed to be manufactured to maneuver easily on the factory floor aisles with custom dimensions. The pumps  travel throughout the facility transferring chocolate based waste slurry and vegetable oil residues.

Look to the left and this is what our pump engineers came up with. This is the 3FA-EC diaphragm pump control panel model with e-stop, push bottom start and a specialized float system which detects when the pump should begin operating and automatically turn off.   The customer ended up ordering 10 units for other facilities. The best part of this case study is that Wastecorp and our customer are in constant contact reviewing the benefits of the pump system and making design changes for future facility needs. We work one-on-one for custom results and constant improvement.


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Juice Process Pumps: Pump Case Study

Juice Processing Industry

Juice Processing Industry Pumps

It’s always amazing to see how many different uses there are for pumps and the juice production industry is one of the most interesting and growing markets for Wastecorp pump products. One of our customers, Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc., required a pump for a North Western USA processing facility. The ubiquitous Ocean Spray brand name is synonymous with everything cranberries. In fact, Ocean Spray is an agricultural cooperative with over 650 member growers of cranberries and grapefruit. Ocean Spray produces a variety of juices, dried fruits, fresh fruits and flavored snacks.
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New 4” Diaphragm Pumps Now Available

Diaphragm Pump With 4" Connection

Diaphragm Pump With 4″ Connection

4fa-pumpIf you’re looking for a flapper valve style diaphragm pump with a 4” connection and more pumping power, consider Wastecorp’s new Mud Sucker 4FA Series diaphragm pumps available with electric, engine, AOD or hydraulic drive systems. The standard unit can pump up to 110 GPM With maximum suction lift of 15 ft.V/75 ft. H and total maximum discharge head of  50 ft.V/300 ft. H. With the 4FA Series you can transfer up to 2 ¼” solids or 50% by volume.

Engine Driven 4" Diaphragm Pump

Engine Driven 4" Diaphragm Pump

The Mud Sucker 4FA-EC (shown top) features a 5 HP; 3 Ph, 60 Hz, 230-460V; 1800 RPM  TEFC with a constant speed helical gear motor. The engine driven model (shown left) features a 9 HP; 3600 RPM, electric start  Honda engine. Kohler or Yanmar diesel pump engines are also available. The 4FA Series operates at max. 22 psi.  Select from a variety of accessories like pump hoses, strainers, NEMA push starters and  check valves. Contact info@wastecorp.com for more information.


Oil Water Separator Pumps

White Castle Restaurants  Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pumps

White Castle Restaurants Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pumps

State-of-the art food processing facilities and the engineers who design them have a challenge in finding the right pumps and control panels to transfer process wastewater. This was the case for fast food restaurant chain White Castle’s innovative processing center in Ohio USA. Wastecorp worked with White Castle,  local contractor PAE and Associates  (who specialize in Wastewater treatment plant construction) and the consulting engineer on the job Facility Design Group, Atlanta.

The specifications on the project called for two of Wastecorp’s Mud Sucker 3B Series Professional Diaphragm Pumps to draw process wastewater containing fats, oils and other liquids from a 13’ deep lift station to an external rotary screen. In this sophisticated operation, the lead Mud Sucker is programmed to turn on when the wastewater reaches a depth of 5 ft. or when the wastewater reaches a liquid temperature of 82°F. The second Mud Sucker or lag pump is programmed to turn on once the wastewater reaches a depth of 6 ft. The combined pumps are programmed to operate at 100 gallons per minute with a flow meter installed on the discharge pipe to meter pumped wastewater. The Mud Suckers’ then transfer the wastewater to an external rotary screen. After screening, the wastewater flows into a PH adjustment mixing chamber where the PH is monitored and acid or base is added as required.

In this custom project, Wastecorp manufactured the Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pumps and supplied all of the control panels, and electronics based on White Castle’s current needs and made provisions for an expanding facility down the road. An advanced NEMA 4 pump control panel with touch screen display, variable speed drive, thermostat, custom plc program and hand held unit allows the operator to easily monitor and make changes to the process. An innovative Waatco over the side heater ensures that the wastewater reaches 82°F to allow for proper oil/water separation.

When it comes time to plan your wastewater transfer process, Wastecorp provides the professionally designed and engineered pumps, control panels and optional equipment needed for a long term, high quality solution. Contact us today at 1-888-829-2783 or visit us at wastecorp.com