Diaphragm Pump Fleet Options

diaphragm pump fleet options

Diaphragm pump fleet options

Recently, many industries ranging from food processing companies, miners, agribusiness, and companies with general wastewater pumping requirements such as pump rental companies have been inquiring about how to standardize their diaphragm pump fleets. Steve R, from Gainesville GA sells pumps all over the Southern United States include North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas and more. We have worked with Steve on standardizing fleets for well known meat packers, poultry producers and multinational construction equipment rental companies before. His recent comments exemplify increasing inquiries we are getting of this nature. Continue reading

Commercial Waste Trap Grease Pumps – What to know

Commercial grease trap pumps using electric diaphragm pumps

Commercial grease trap pumps using electric diaphragm pumps

Waste trap grease pumps for commercial applications can be used for a wide variety of applications involving pumping grease from the source to a suitable treatment area. One such pump for pumping waste trap grease is the Mud Sucker Diaphragm pump which is used in shopping centers, hospitals, school cafeterias, restaurants, prisons and other government institutions where pumping grease for treatment is required.

For example, an engineer in Miami, Florida was tasked with designing a pump system for a large mixed use shopping center with restaurants and other attractions that involve pumping from grease pits to a collection area. The challenge was configuring the piping through the multi-level shopping center which was under construction and meeting city bylaws for proper waste trap grease treatment. The engineering firm and the contractor contacted Wastecorp to inquire about the Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pump’s track record in grease trap waste pumping.

Grease trap discharge line for commercial waste trap grease pumping

Grease trap discharge line for commercial waste trap grease pumping

Positioning the Waste Trap Grease Pumps Continue reading

Industrial Water and Waste Oil Pumping for Railroads

Electric Diaphragm Pump for Railways. Mud Sucker 2B Series, Manufactured by Wastecorp

Electric Diaphragm Pump for Railways. Mud Sucker 2B Series, Manufactured by Wastecorp

One of the questions we get most often from railroads is how to cost effectively install a new pump system that can pump liquids as varied as oil or chemicals from rail car tankers to septic waste from locomotive restrooms.  Manny R from Norfolk Virginia exemplifies the pumps for railroad issue:


“I am the maintenance foreman at a Virginia railroad for one of the nation’s leading railroad companies. We have a situation at one of our tanker unloading yards. The pumps we have in place to pump out and transfer storm water pits have failed and need replacement immediately. I saw your pumps working Continue reading

Diaphragm Pump for Sewage Pumping

Primary sludge pumping from digesters

Primary sludge pumping from digesters

If your pump project calls for primary sludge pumps under 220 GPM, the Mud Sucker Double Diaphragm pump is something you should consider for municipal sewage and industrial sludge pumping applications.

Case in point: A Northeast urban wastewater treatment plant upgrade and expansion recently Continue reading

Pumping Out Tanks With Diaphragm Pumps

Mobile Diaphragm Pump

You name the tank that needs to be pumped out and we have heard of at least a few customer applications that correspond with that tank. Underground septic tanks, lagoon transfer, transport truck tankers, locomotive tankers, waste pits and waste vegetable oil drums are among the most popular. What you have to keep in mind is that in most of these applications, you will need a pump that can easily maneuver in areas to access the discharge valve or at least some place where you can place the suction hose.

Randy K. from Columbus, GA, contacted Wastecorp about his settling tank pump out operation:

“I Need assistance to find the correct pumps to transfer mud consistency wastewater, brackish water and abrasive media out of settling tanks at a mining application we have. We have a need for three or four pumps that need to be mobile. We have been told that a diaphragm pump with check balls might work. The pump also needs to be able to handle gritty waste water and slurry. We are pumping up around 8-10’ and pumping out vertically to a screen another 60’ What do you recommend?” Randy K. Columbus GA.

Well Randy, it has long been known in the pump business that when you have a variety of media to pump, your pump must be versatile. The Mud Sucker B Series Professional diaphragm pump is one of those products. Take the Mud Sucker® 3B Series you see in the photo above. This is being transported around a six mile long public space along New York City’s West side. This Mud Sucker pumps everything from septic waste, cleaning up construction wastewater containing aggregate, waste vegetable oil from City operated restaurants and more. The check balls help to manage the solids and if something should get stuck in the pump you simply unbolt the valve covers, remove the check ball, find the blockage and you’re back in business. This is like a 5-10 minute process.

The Mud Sucker® B Series can pump up to 80 GPM and transfer fluids up to 300’ vertically so you will have plenty of pumping power. Keep in mind, that as wastewater gets thicker these values can vary. The pump you see above is shown with an off road utility trailer that we manufactured for the client’s needs. This is a heavy duty trailer but adapts to the tight New York City spaces that the pump must maneuver through. The best part is, we can manufacture these pumps and trailer systems specifically for your needs with hose bins, lockable storage containers and tanks for waste water collection and fresh water distribution. More information can be found at www.wastecorp.com or by calling 1-888-829-2783.