Wastecorp Mud Sucker Pumps Now Available With Variable Frequency Drives

Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pump with VFD Drive

Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pump with VFD Drive

Do you need to adjust the speed of your pump’s electric motor, modulating the power being delivered? We’ve got good news; all Mud Sucker diaphragm pump models  are now available with a variable frequency drive (VFD).


help to accommodate fluctuating demand by adjusting pump energy consumption and costs by adjusting the amount of power delivered to the motor for pumping specific tasks.


Public utilities and industrial fluid handling facilities are increasingly specifying pumps with VFD’s to reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption. Since not all pumping jobs are alike, the pump adjusts the power being delivered when handling higher than normal levels of slurry, mud, raw sewage, water and more. Continue reading

The Problem of Space Constraints at Wastewater Treatment Plants

Space Saver Plunger Pumps

Space Saver Plunger Pumps

It’s a common problem faced by many wastewater treatment facilities’, how to select a pump to move heavy sludge with enough power and endurance to last through the long haul.  One solution to this problem is a pump with an in-line piping design like the Space-Saver plunger pump.  Many facilities have seen success with this pump especially those replacing a double disc, rotary lobe, or progressive cavity pump.

The Space saver plunger pump does not require a concrete base, which makes replacing any type of sewage pump quick and trouble-free. In most cases, the old pumps are simply replaced and the new Space Saver simply dropped into place.  The Space Saver is available with a 7”, 9” or 11” piston size and can transfer up to 140 GPM (8.8 lps) of municipal or industrial sludge.

In our case study feature, you’ll see a Memphis, Tennessee area sewage treatment plant which recently installed a Space Saver after trying double disc and progressive cavity pumps.  The facility operates this pump for at least eight hours each day and other than general maintenance procedures, the pumps have run perfectly. Click here for more information on the Space Saver sewage pump.

Portable Waste Oil Recovery Pumps

Waste oil pump on military base

Waste oil pump on military base

Waste oil recovery and pumping is a hot topic right now in the world of pumps. For facilities with multiple storage tanks or sites, a portable pump may be a great option considering the alternatives. Traditionally vacuum pump trucks have been one of the only options available to transfer waste oil from tanks, cargo, tanker ships, on site storage facilities and more. This is no longer the case.

The Mud Sucker diaphragm pump system has a variety of sizes and options to transfer all kinds of waste oils no matter the size of the job or facility. For example, at this North American military base (pictured left), the customer uses Wastecorp’s Mud-Sucker 2F-MC diaphragm pump with wheel kit. This powerful pump is moved easily from site to site and transfers up to 25 GPM. With few moving parts and a contoured velocity channel, this pump is virtually maintenance free.

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Tech Companies Using Mud Sucker Back Wash Pumps

HP back wash pumps

HP back wash pumps

Technology giants like HP, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon may not seem like the typical consumers of pumps for process wastewater, back wash and cooling processes. But Wastecorp is seeing much more pump inquiry activity from contractors and high tech end users in California’s Silicon Valley, New York’s Silicon Alley and data centers across the country.

A case in point is Wastecorp’s recent project with an HP research facility in Colorado, USA. We worked with a local contractor to provide Continue reading

Dredging Pump Projects Made Easier

Dredging pump

Dredging pumps

With dredging applications, Wastecorp generally encounters at least a few different kinds of projects: city or town sanctioned projects that are part of canal and waterway management programs and private projects that include beautification, enhanced recreational access and improved appearance.  For public projects, we generally work with engineering and construction firms who are responsible for removing thousands of cubic yards of sediment, mud, and debris that accumulates in canals and along the banks of waterways. For these projects, single diaphragm pumps or double diaphragm pump outs units can be a valued support technology for the existing mechanical and hydraulic dredging methods.

What Kind of Pump To Use for Dredging Applications?
Private dredging applications vary in size and scope. One of our resort customers based in Fiji, Continue reading