Grout Pump Options

Grout Pump In Use

Grout Pump In Use

Grout pumps are one of those tools that are always in need on residential and commercial construction sites but are not readily available at equipment rental shops or Home Depot or Lowes (Not the the professional grade grout pumps anyway). You should be aware that a lot has changed in the world of grout pumps and the availability of them for contractors, do it yourselfers and construction professionals.

First, the grout pumps we are talking about are manual grout pumps or grout pumps operated by hand and air operated grout pumps, grout pumps operated by compressors with air hose lines. Second, we are talking about non-epoxy type generally grout used in the construction industry and grout that flows. Continue reading

Aod Pumps: Repair it or Replace it?

AOD Pumps: Repair or Replace Them.

AOD Pumps: Repair or Replace Them. See The Mud Sucker (not an AOD pump on the left)


Ah Aod pumps. They have been around for years for pumping everything from wastewater to oil slurry to sludge. Almost every pump distributor out there has either pushed Wilden, Sand Piper or some other air operated diaphragm pump option at least historically any way. As these pumps age, end users and operators have the issue to grapple with: do I repair my AOD pump or do I replace it? Can I still tolerate my energy bill from Aod pumps or is there a viable alternative? A well known defense contactor pondered these questions and more with a query to Wastecorp’s pump engineering dept.

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Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

Air Operated Diaphragm Pump

Air Operated Diaphragm Pump

For facilities looking to upgrade existing air operated single or double diaphragm pump systems, now could not be a better time to check out Wastecorp’s new air driven pneumatic Mud Sucker 3” Series. We are now into Mud Sucker pump month at Wastecorp and we are pleased to launch several new models and savings promotions for this wildly popular Wastecorp brand pump.

What is An AOD – Air Operated Diaphragm Pump?
An air operated diaphragm pump (AOD) is a type of pump that is either mechanically driven with an air motor or driven exclusively using an air. Usually a compressor or air hose line in the facility provide the power for the pump. These pumps are offered in single diaphragm versions or double diaphragm versions which are called air operated double diaphragm pumps (AODD).

What Are Some Examples of Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps?
The Mud Sucker 3FA-AP features a  self-lubricating reciprocating air cylinder, 6” bore x 3” stroke, and adjustable solenoid. The air motor is mounted and supported vertically over the pump body, with a heavy duty 13” dia. Santoprene® diaphragm, 3” stroke length and patented contoured velocity channel to aid in pumping tough slurries. Download the fact sheet to learn more.

What Can a Mud Sucker AOD Pump Be Used to Pump?
The Mud Sucker air driven, pneumatic pump series is ideal for industrial wastewater pretreatment, lime slurries, ceramic slip glazing applications and much more (see a more detailed application list below).

Mud Sucker Air Driven Pumps Typical Applications:

Automotive plating and refinishing, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, paint and ink coatings, pulp and paper, industrial pretreatment, municipal, industrial wastewater treatment. See all typical applications
To discuss your air operated diaphragm pump questions with an enginner email or call 1-888-829-2783

Pumps: How to Maintain a Continuous Flow and Minimize Pulsation

Pulsation dampening wastewater pumps

Pulsation dampening wastewater pumps

With pumping applications, one of the challenges you face especially when pumping thinner liquids, is to maintain continuous flow without “jerking the hose” or disruptions in pump productivity. One of the consulting engineering firms we have worked with in California illustrates this point well:

“We recently specified your Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pump for one of our client’s projects. The contractor must now provide a continuous flow, as much as possible. While this is a solids handling pumping application, the client frequently has to pump thinner fluids. He has found that there is “jerking in the hose” for lack of a better term when pumping thinner water like consistency. What do you recommend as a solution for this issue.” Thanks – Josh M. Sacremento, CA

Josh, pulsation dampeners are a time tested solution for many continuous flow issues pump operators have. Wastecorp manufactures air chambers for every diaphragm pump model we sell. While we prefer to specify these with the pump at the design stage, there is no problem in sending these for contractor installation for the current set up. All we need are some photos of the existing application configuration and we can go from there.

pulsation dampening for wastewater pumps

pulsation dampening for wastewater pumps

Positive displacement pumps by nature, generate a pulsating flow. When the ball flapper valve opens and closes, the momentum of the liquid reacts in the form of water hammer, which is absorbed by the hose or pipe. By installing a pulsation dampener, it will act as surge suppressor and reduce turbulence in the pipe. The increased volumetric expansion and absorption of the fluid results in a substation reduction of water hammer, as the below graph illustrates.

For more information on pumps with surge suppressors, pulsations dampeners and air chambers visit or call 1-888-829-2783.