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Campground and Park Pump

Campground and Park Pump

For recreational campgrounds and government operated parks, one of the important operations management factors to remember is having a pump system to pump out septic waste from RV’s, portable toilets and removing wastewater from public areas after storms or floods. There are a number of pump products available to parks and campgrounds to manage septic pumping, waste oil pumping from restaurants, grey water, black water and portable toilet pumping.


Honey Wagon – Waste Containment Systems

The honey wagon is a trailer mounted or ATV cart mounted pump out system with a tank, hoses and pump to pump out septic waste from RVs and portable toilets. If your campground or park has a restaurant on the property, then a honey wagon can also pump out the fryer oil or waste trap grease from the kitchen area. After heavy rain or storms, the honey wagon can clear up contaminated liquid quickly so your park can reopen quickly. Below are some of the more popular honey wagons for campgrounds and parks. You can click on the photo for more information and specifications on the unit:


Campground Honey Wagon ATV Package. This honey wagon can be attached to an ATV or truck for easy transportation around the property. Shown with turf tires to reduce stress on grass and landscaping.

The 325 gallon honey wagon is among the most popular pump outs for campgrounds and parks. With a good capacity and affordable price point, parks and campgrounds can share their honey wagon or provide pump out services to th entire community making for a good investment. This includes galvanized decks and frames to protect against weather. Click on the image above for more information.

Diaphragm Pumps


Diaphragm pumps are a dependable pump technology to pump septic waste at aprks and campgrounds. The Mud Sucker type has a flapper system that opens with the twist of a knob to remove any blockages like forks, spoons, personal hygiene products, Lego – you name it. Sometimes people put the weirdest items down their toilets. Below you will find some popular diaphragm pumps for campgrounds.

The Mud Sucker 2FAC Series is a diaphragm pump

The Mud Sucker 2FAC Series is a diaphragm pump available with gas or electric drive options (shown with a Honda gas engine). This type of diaphragm pump has check valves on both the suction and discharge that can be opened with the twist of a handle to access the internals.

Keep in mind that all diaphragm pumps are available with electric, engine, air or hydraulic power to drive the pumps. The question we get most often is should my campground use an engine driven or electric powered diaphragm pump? The answer is when do you want to do the RV or port-a-potty pump outs? During the day or early in the morning? An engine is louder than electric pump so if you plan on pumping out during early morning hours then electric diaphragm pump might offer quieter pump outs.  However, you will require access to a minimum 110V outlet. If this is not available you will need to go with a gas diaphragm pump



Vacuum Pumps



For larger state parks and campgrounds that have several portable toilets and restaurants to service then a vacuum pump may offer a better alternative. Larger parks and campgrounds may also offer festivals and other venues that attract hundreds or even thousands of visitors for a specific period of time.

trailer mounted vacuum pump

A photo of a trailer mounted vacuum pump. This is a high suction type of pump system used for higher traffic parks and recreational centers. The purpose of this system is to pump thicker fluids or hard to pump liquids and solids. This is a more expensive option but is designed to enhance productivity around the park.

Park operators must not forget that pumping sewage and septic waste may be required and to plan the pump out equipment accordingly.

Sewer Systems and Campgrounds and Parks

Even if there is sewer on site, these sewers have been known to back up. In the event of a sewer back up, a waste containment system can be a disaster management tool to use to keep the campground or park operating until repairs are done. For more information on campground or park pump manufacturers contact Wastecorp at 1-888-829-2783 or email us at


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