Dirty Secrets in The Double Disc Pump Business

Compare Sludge Pro and Penn VAlley Double Disc Pumps

Compare Sludge Pro and Penn Valley Double Disc Pumps

Things are heating up in the marketplace for double disc pumps and competition has a great way of exposing the true colors of competitors.  Hearing what one double disc pump competitor says about another reinforces the  need to do your homework so you are getting an accurate picture of the benefits and drawbacks of each make. Continue reading

Grout Pumps for Commercial and Residential Applications

Commercial Grout Pump

Grout Pump

As the weather improves for commercial grouting jobs it gives us an opportunity to address contractor concerns. One of the comments we heard from contractors who work with grouting jobs before the Sludge Sucker grout pump was made available, is that there was a lack of dependable, compact grout pumps that could easily be moved to job sites with tight spaces. Wastecorp went to work and designed/engineered the Sludge Sucker Professional Grout Pump. Now, this has not been featured on Shark Tank (yet) but we have been thinking about it due to its positive response from construction professionals.  Since then, the Sludge Sucker has become a staple for commercial contractors and public works crews to grout door frames, pilings, slab jacking, void filling, mud jacking and many other commercial grouting applications. Continue reading

Primary Sludge Pumps | What you Should Know

Primary Sludge Pumps

Primary Sludge Pumps

With tough sludge pumping applications like those found at municipal Wastewater Treatment Facilities, (WWTP’s) having the right primary sludge pumps can help reduce hassles and your spare parts budget down the road. This was just the case for the City of Meridian’s recent wastewater treatment facility upgrade and expansion in Meridian, Idaho.

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How to Pump Cooking Oil from Restaurants

Pumps for cooking oil and waste trap grease

Pumps for cooking oil and waste trap grease

In this post we provide answers to the question of how to pump out used cooking oil from restaurant waste collection bins especially in colder weather? Used cooking oil transforms into a gel when the surrounding temperature dips below 40°F (4°C). This makes the fluid very difficult to pump. Roger F., from Charlotte, NC conveys the difficulty in pumping cooking oil:

“We are trying to find optimum pumping solution for pumping used cooking oil (uco) from 100- 300 gallon grease bins at restaurant accounts. We’ve recently opened a plant in the Charlotte area and have been pumping with a trash pump. It may have started off great but the trash pump failed after about six months as colder weather gelled the oil. We want a solution to Continue reading

Silt Pumping Applications: What You Should Know

Silt Pumps - Mud Sucker

Silt Pumps – Mud Sucker

When we hear about silt pumping applications it usually involves pumping from a mining site, fruit juice concentrate or dredging application.  Often, job site operators have contained the silt-laden wastewater in either a holding tank or tote tank. Typically, the liquid waste must be treated or pumped to a larger containment area. As you can imagine, the internals of the pump must be able to handle the constant abrasive and gritty substances passing through it otherwise, the components will most certainly prematurely fail.

One of our mining customers in Nye County Nevada USA highlights a common application when pumping silt:

Our application involves pumping from two 1600 gallon cone tanks into a larger reservoir for treatment later on.  The liquid is a silt mixture from a mining operation.  We have tried some trash pumps and other submersibles but the grit keeps destroying the internals.   Do you have any product recommendations? Don M. Nye County, NV

In this case we recommended that Don use a professional double diaphragm pump with specialized valve chambers to better manage pumping silt. We also designed the pump with a double suction and double discharge arrangement so the operator could pump either one or two tanks at a time depending on which tank reached its capacity first.  The 2B-DD also includes butterfly valves to make pumping out one or two tanks a lot easier. When speaking with Don, we noticed that there might be the chance that the pump could become exposed to a closed valve in the system which may lead to pressure situation causing catastrophic damage to the pump. In this case, we engineered the Mud Sucker 2B-DD with pressure relief valves to help protect against any blockages in the line or a closed valve.

After six months, the pump is operating as expected with minor wear on the diaphragms and check balls. Given that the pump operates outdoors and on an eight hour /6 day a week schedule, the component wear is minimal. The Mud Sucker 2B-DD is an excellent custom solution for all kinds of silt application. More information is available here.