Water Trailers Available from Wastecorp

Water trailer for dust control, landscaping, paving companies, cement cutting applications

Water Trailer

Wastecorp is pleased to announce our water trailer pump products based on our award winning honey wagon pump out platform. Water trailers, (also referred to as  “Water Buffalo”) provide fresh water distribution using a higher pressure trash pump or diaphragm pump.  These water distribution systems are used to control dust on construction sites, cement cutting water needs, landscaping, paving companies, special venue water services and military water distribution needs.

Water Trailer Tank Sizes

Wastecorp water trailers are available in sizes ranging from 150-5000 gallons directly from Wastecorp or qualified dealers in the USA or Canada. The best part is, your water trailer is manufactured by Wastecorp Pumps with hosing, check plate galvanized deck material and frame, so you’re getting a professional system by a professional ISO 9001 certified water trailer manufacturer. Continue reading

How to Pump Manure Pit Slurry

Topic Manure Pumps

Topic Manure Pumps

One of the questions we most frequently here from farmers and ranchers is how to pump cow, sheep, hog or horse manure from one area of their farm to another using the right pumping equipment.  Most of the time, manure based slurries contain solids content ranging from 5% -15% solids. If your application is on the lower end of this range,  Mud Sucker FA Series are commonly used on farms to transfer slurry based or wet liquids to dry manure piles that absorb moisture. These two inch or three inch pumps can pump from 25-80 US GPM and can discharge from 300-500 feet on level land; we can help you determine the suction and discharge loss when pumping on inclines

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Fueling Vehicles With Waste Vegetable Oil

Can more buses convert to biofuels?

Can more buses convert to biofuels?

Oil prices are on the rise again leading businesses and consumers to search for economical and environmentally friendly alternatives to fueling vehicles, homes and businesses. More and more of our customers are looking for pump package solutions to feed waste vegetable oil from grease traps and holding tanks to power vehicles and homes. Pumps help to filter waste vegetable oil such as restaurant waste trap grease so that these fluids can be used as fuel.

One of our customers is a school bus operator in Lee County, Florida and is experimenting with fueling a portion of their school bus fleet with waste vegetable oil.  The challenge is how to create a pumping system with limited space and budget constraints.  Our pump design engineers are in the final stages of creating a rear bumper mounted system using our Mud-Sucker FA Series pumps to assist in pumping purified waste vegetable oil to a holding tank located beneath the bus. Using an in-line piping design, we have reduced the amount of space needed while preserving the pumping power of the Mud Sucker brand pumps. This test project is one more step forward for Lee County’s environmental initiatives and a testimony to the Mud-Sucker’s versatility. Continue reading

Questions: How to Plan a Pump Out for a Larger Marina

electric diaphragm pump

Standard marina pump out station for a 120 slip marina. Features an electric diaphragm pump, universal pump out adapter for any size boat and industrial grade hosing

When it comes time to plan a new marina pump out system, many customers understandably find it challenging to know where to begin. Some have an idea of what kind of pump they need but aren’t sure about how to configure the pumps and piping. Throw in other elements like pumping up on an incline and it can get really tough. John S. operates a marina in Washington State and he posted the following question in our forum:

Q: “I need to outfit our 200 slip marina with new pump stations with one larger pump to feed the sewage up a 100 ft. hill at approx. a 6 degree slope. The problem is that our slips are spread out without a consistent layout. What kind of pump system do you recommend?” John S. Seattle, WA Continue reading

Trash Pump Updates – The New Trash Flow

Trash Flow Trash Pump

Trash Flow Trash Pump

Looking for a trash pump? Wastecorp is pleased to launch new options for you with the new Trash Flow Trash pump line. Trash Flow pumps are available as self priming centrifugal models for municipal and industrial applications as well as compact trash pumps for contractor use. What makes this product line our best ever is that the Trash Flow is interchangeable with many existing makes on the market today like Gorman Rupp T Series and Super T Series.

The Trash Flow pump product line is available in 2”-12” pump models with fluid handling capabilities up to 6500 US GPM. Choose from a variety of impeller options including multi vane and double vane for solids handling. With our self priming Executioner solids management system, you can eradicate tough solids that may cause clogs. Trash Flow’s are available with stainless steel internals, an adjustable wear plate carrier, back pull out design and optional John Crane mechanical seals for long life cycles and minimal maintenance. Continue reading