A New Pump Out Caddy for Multiple Uses

Honey wagon caddy WC-25

Honey wagon caddy WC-25

One of the things about our honey wagon pump out systems that continues to amaze us is just how many applications our customers use them for. While originally designed for marinas, RV pump outs and locomotive holding tank pump outs, customers are using Wastecorp honey wagons for industrial holding tanks, residential use and much more. And, the new Wastecorp Pump Out Caddy is no different.

The WC-25 caddy features the heavy duty Sludge Sucker hand pump complete with a premium Buna-N diaphragm and marine grade aluminum pump body. Plus, you can easily check tank levels with our markers on the side of the heavy duty polyethylene holding tank. With the WC-25, you get everything you need to start pumping fast including universal adapters designed to connect to any RV or vessel.

If your application involves marine bilge waste, black or grey water or many other fluids, check out the compact and versatile Wastecorp Honey Wagon WC-25 today.

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