A New Mobile Pumping Solution

Mobile pumping system

Mobile Waste Containment System

With the official start of camping and boating season right at our door many campgrounds and marinas are considering their septic pumping services for the new season. A common problem at small to mid size campgrounds and marinas is that septic tank trucks have a difficult time maneuvering in tight spaces and of course, there is always the cost and scheduling issues.

Honey Wagon Manufacturer

One solution to this problem is the new 100 gallon Wastecorp Mud Sucker honey wagon. The MS-100 can connect to most utility vehicles or ATV’s for easy transportation to trailers, RV’s and even boats. But the best feature of this pumping system is that the three way valve system allows you to use the pump to both pump waste in and out of the tank. You don’t have to mess with the discharge valve (although the MS-100 has one as a back-up) you simply turn the valve and pump out to an approved dump station. This package also includes everything you need including the high grade crush proof hosing, universal sewer adapter and all attachments. Check out this new mobile pumping system at http://www.wastecorp.com/mudsucker/100-gallon-honey-wagon.html


What is a honey wagon?

What is a honey wagon?


What To Use a Honey Wagon For?

A honey wagon has been traditionally used to pump out septic waste and waste oil. But this innovative waste containment system has evolved to contain anything from general wastewater, waste oil, food processing waste and grease for future disposal.

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