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How to Pump Wet Wipes and Cooking Oil

In North America, municipal wastewater treatment operators routinely voice their concerns to Wastecorp about the use of wet pipes by the general public and then flushing them down the toilet. “Do you guys make a pump that can better handle the wet wipes” is a question Wastecorp frequently receives at our sludge pump call centers. Jim K. from Winston Salem North Carolina tells it like it is: Continue reading

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Pumping Wastewater in Nassau County

Pumping wastewater in Nassau County NY poses unique challenges. First the county borders Long Island Sound to the North and the Atlantic ocean to the south which can bring variations in both weather and the types of wastewater that need to be pumped. Nassau County is home to over 1.3 million residents with a mix of suburban residents and vacation properties. Continue reading

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Engineering Students Learn About Advanced Pump Technology

Wastecorp was glad to see so many engineering students focusing on pump technology at WEFTEC in Los Angeles. The great thing about meeting these students is that Wastecorp did most of the listening. Continue reading

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Trash Pump Stations for Expanding WWTP’s

Trash pump stations for expanding wastewater treatment plants are an effective way to transfer secondary sludge and raw effluent. Wastecorp recently designed and manufactured this four pump solution for an expanding community near Canada’s capital (see the video below). These trash pumps feature a 3” connection and each pump is capable of transferring 740 GPM.
Continue reading

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Wastecorp Exhibiting in Los Angeles from October 15-19, 2011

Wastecorp’s new exhibit of pumps, parts and accessories for water and wastewater treatment will be on display at WEFTEC 2011 in Los Angeles, CA from October 15-19, 2011. The world’s largest water quality event will be held this year at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Visit Wastecorp at booth 511 to check out a Continue reading

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A New Direction in Plunger Pumps: Sludge Pumping Capabilities With A Cleaner Design

When consulting engineers’ and facility operators begin to plan an upgrade for their sewage treatment plants most are considering four primary pumps: Plunger pump technology, rotary lobe pumps, progressive cavity and double disc pumps. Continue reading

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Sewer Overflows Becoming an Increasing Problem for Cities

When we visit our customers at wastewater treatment plants and ask operators “what are your facility’s most pressing concerns?”, the answers we most frequently hear are ever tightening budget constraints and dealing with aging infrastructure. And this concern echoes not … Continue reading

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