Resolving Sewage Pump Problems at Smaller WWTP’s

Solving Sewage Pump problems

Solving Sewage Pump problems

How to resolve sewage pumping problems at smaller WWTP’s is a question on the minds of thousands of operators worldwide. These facilities pump municipal sewage, storm water, melting snow, road grit and so much more for smaller communities. While the gallons per day pumped may not be as high as urban sewage treatment plants, the need for reliable sludge pumps is just as great. Continue reading

Vacuum Pumps: What You Should Know

When looking for a vacuum pump there are several questions that you should be considering.
First you need to establish weather or not you need a diaphragm pump or an actual vacuum pump. This question can be addressed by knowing the following:

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Vacuum pump

What are you pumping?

Waste trap grease, caked in sediment, hardened mud and thicker fluids are all good applications for a vacuum pump. Why? These types of fluids require high suction power to either transfer the fluid in the case of waste trap grease or loosen the caked in mud and sediment. We see this a lot when a customer has a waste fluid pit and the water sits on top in the pit or tank and the mud, silt sediment or grease sits on the bottom. To get that material through the pump you need a high rate of vacuum power. Continue reading

Wastecorp Mud Sucker Pumps Now Available With Variable Frequency Drives

Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pump with VFD Drive

Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pump with VFD Drive

Do you need to adjust the speed of your pump’s electric motor, modulating the power being delivered? We’ve got good news; all Mud Sucker diaphragm pump models  are now available with a variable frequency drive (VFD).


help to accommodate fluctuating demand by adjusting pump energy consumption and costs by adjusting the amount of power delivered to the motor for pumping specific tasks.


Public utilities and industrial fluid handling facilities are increasingly specifying pumps with VFD’s to reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption. Since not all pumping jobs are alike, the pump adjusts the power being delivered when handling higher than normal levels of slurry, mud, raw sewage, water and more. Continue reading