Trash Pump Video – Food Processing Facility

Wastecorp’s self priming centrifugal pump line is a versatile series of trash pumps. You choose between 2″ and 12″ models capable of pumping up to 6300 GPM. Better yet, several mounting applications and drive systems  are available. In this movie, you’ll see a recent customer on site at their apple farm transferring food processing residuals. This facility makes baked goods and ships raw apples all across the country.

How to Select a Pump for Paint Manufacturing

How to select a paint manufacturing pump

How to select a paint manufacturing pump

When paint production facilities require pumping equipment to transfer paint there are a number of factors that should be considered. From understanding the abrasives in the paint to the configuration of your production floor here are some tips to keep in mind:


1. What is the consistency of the paint being pumped?

This is one of the most important considerations when selecting the right pumping equipment. Continue reading

A New Direction in Plunger Pumps: Sludge Pumping Capabilities With A Cleaner Design

sewage pump manufacturer

Sewage Pump at a New York State municipal wastewater treatment plant. This is a plunger style pump that is very popular for primary wastewater treatment. Less popular alternatives are lobe pumps, screw pumps, double disc pumps and progressive cavity pumps

When consulting engineers’ and facility operators begin to plan an upgrade for their sewage treatment plants most are considering four primary pumps: Plunger pump technology, rotary lobe pumps, progressive cavity and double disc pumps. Continue reading

Pump Out for Water Tour Boats and Cruise Vessels

Pump Out for Cruise Ships and Water Tour Vessels

Pump Out for Cruise Ships and Water Tour Vessels

Pumping Out Bilge Waste

Like all commercial vessels, tour boat operators are required to properly dispose of holding tank (bilge) waste.  There are many methods of doing so ranging from a fixed pump out station, using a pump out vessel, a third party service or having your own pumps to do the job.

We’re profiling the case of one New York City based tour boat operator who uses the Mud Sucker 2FA-EC diaphragm pump to manage their pump out operations. First, some background. New York’s five boroughs are home to over a dozen ferry operators, water tours, water taxis – both public and private.  Millions of visitors and residents use any one of these services every year. Managing the kind of waste associated with so much visitor traffic requires some creativity and a pump out that can do the job without hassles over the long haul. Keeping the harbors clean is a mission backed by most New Yorker’s and the Mayor’s office.

Many operators use the Mud Sucker as a quick way to empty both waste oil (from their kitchens) and their vessels’ waste holding tanks with fluid transfer capabilities ranging from 20-160 GPM. The added advantage with the Mud Sucker is that it can transfer waste oil including waste trap grease and used vegetable oil. Since many boat operators have a kitchen for entertaining passengers as well as restrooms, it only makes sense to have a pump that can transfer both bilge waste and cooking oil. Continue reading

Marinas Pump Outs, Campground Pump Outs and Commercial Marine Pump News

Marine pumps and accessoriesWastecorp has released updated  pump brochures and buyers guides for our  marina, campground or commercial marine customers just in time for the height of the season. The new literature includes sample installations and a host of new products like honey wagons designed to help get these jobs done faster than ever before. You can download the brochures or request by mail.

Marina Pumps
Our extensive marina pump buyers guide, highlights Wastecorp’s growing presence in the recreational marine pump out industry. Our pumps have been a hit with both small and large marinas for their ease of use and long life cycles. We’ve also included some great automated options for dockside pump out systems including complete control panels, remote controls and more.

Download the Marina pump buyers guide

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