Pumping Hydraulic Fracking Mud and Bentonite

Hydraulic Fracking Mud Pump
Hydraulic Fracking Mud Pump

Hydraulic fracking waste mud pumping applications have become a hot topic around Wastecorp headquarters within the last year. Our interaction with customers suggest a need for compact pumping systems to maneuver around wells with lots of other large equipment. We recently worked with Len H., from Dimock, PA on his facility’s fracking mud transfer needs:

“We are trying to pump hydraulic fracking mud and fluids out of vacuum trucks that clean our well sites.The fluid becomes dense and is hard to remove from the tankers. We can mix the mud and bentonite with jet sprayed water to help thin it at least initially. We are pumping about 110 GPM at 10’ of discharge head and 15’ of suction What kind of pump do you recommend?”

Len, as hydraulic fracking pump applications become more common, Wastecorp has engineered a specialized mobile Mud Sucker pump for easy maneuverability around fracking sites. We recommend the Mud Sucker Diaphragm pump 3BM-DD mobile model that you see here. Since many of our fracking customers operate on 24 hour cycles, this double diaphragm pump is designed to handle the heavy work loads. The Santoprene diaphragms can transfer the bentonite mixture more effectively than neoprene as well.

Later this year, we are also launching a high pressure diaphragm pump line to work with higher discharge applications, so stay tuned.