Welcome to Wastecorp's Official Blog

Welcome to the official Wastecorp pump manufacturer’s blog. Don’t know us? Wastecorp is a leading manufacturer of pumps for water, wastewater, sludge, dirty fluids, industrial wastewater and everything in between. Our customers are wide ranging from large cities, small towns, fortune 500 companies, armed services  to local business and home owners. If you are a consulting engineer, end user or have to make a decision which pumping equipment you need for your application we hope that this blog will help.

The one thing you need to know about Wastecorp is that we’re passionate about pumps, so we like to talk about them. This includes the  people who design, manufacture and who use pumps. At Wastecorp, it’s all about the whole pumping experience so we’ll be discussing a wide range of topics and address your comments or questions as soon as possible.

You’re part of the conversation when we design our pumps, so we hope that you will join the conversation here.