A New Mobile Pumping Solution

Mobile pumping system

Mobile Waste Containment System

With the official start of camping and boating season right at our door many campgrounds and marinas are considering their septic pumping services for the new season. A common problem at small to mid size campgrounds and marinas is that septic tank trucks have a difficult time maneuvering in tight spaces and of course, there is always the cost and scheduling issues.

Honey Wagon Manufacturer

One solution to this problem is the new 100 gallon Wastecorp Mud Sucker honey wagon. The MS-100 can connect to most utility vehicles or ATV’s for easy transportation to trailers, RV’s and even boats. But the best feature of this pumping system is Continue reading

Diaphragm Pump Technology Advances

Diaphragm pump advancements

Diaphragm pump technology for wastewater pumping, waste oil, septic and food processing applications has advanced. Wastecorp, a designer and manufacturer of diaphragm pumps, has invested in R&D to build better diaphragm pumps. Wastecorp’s vision is to become the worldwide leader in diaphragm pump technology and reaching this goal is becoming closer for the company every year.

At the heart of the latest diaphragm pump technology update is “quick release yoke technology” The principle here is to make it easier for the operator of the pump to conduct routine maintenance. Quick release technology has been available up until this point on the Mud Sucker premium B Series professional line. This type of diaphragm pump uses ball valves or check ball technology to move wastewater. However, in 2016, the Mud Sucker FA Series diaphragm pump is also available with quick release technology.

How the flapper works

The diaphragm flapper material is a severe duty rated elastomer for waste oil pumping and general wastewater pumping applications. You can also pump select corrosive fluids with this diaphragm pump but should check with the factory with your application first.

A new style of diaphragm pump for heavy duty applications.

In the photo above, you see the new diaphragm pump, Mud Sucker model 2FA Series with “quick release yoke technology”. This enables the user to quickly access the internals of the pump in the event of clogging or to quickly conduct routine maintenance.

As you might imagine, diaphragm pumps are available in all shapes and sizes and the Mud Sucker is no different. The best way to find the correct diaphragm pump or parts for your application is to speak to a diaphragm pump manufacturer. Wastecorp can be reached at 1-888-829-2783 or email info@wastecorp.com.

Vacuum Pumps: What You Should Know

When looking for a vacuum pump there are several questions that you should be considering.
First you need to establish weather or not you need a diaphragm pump or an actual vacuum pump. This question can be addressed by knowing the following:

vac pump, vacum pump, vacuum pump

Vacuum pump

What are you pumping?

Waste trap grease, caked in sediment, hardened mud and thicker fluids are all good applications for a vacuum pump. Why? These types of fluids require high suction power to either transfer the fluid in the case of waste trap grease or loosen the caked in mud and sediment. We see this a lot when a customer has a waste fluid pit and the water sits on top in the pit or tank and the mud, silt sediment or grease sits on the bottom. To get that material through the pump you need a high rate of vacuum power. Continue reading

Cool Waste oil collection pumping system from our Customers

Waste Oil Pump

Waste Oil Pump

Mud Sucker 2FA Series Diaphragm pumps are known for their versatility for oil collection systems, especially waste trap grease, transmission fluids and motor oil. Many of our innovative customers also design their own collection systems. In the installation you see here, one customer used two Mud-Sucker 2FA-EC (electric) diaphragm pumps to set up a new waste oil collection system at a city bus depot. The bus depot collects motor oil and transmission oil in drain pans. The waste is then gravity fed into two, 275 gallon collection tanks, each tank having a pump and float system. The oil is then sucked up and discharged into a common 2″ riser travelling up 25 feet. The oil travels horizontally for 161 feet and then drops 25 feet into a larger storage tank. The suction and discharge height are well within the limits of these Mud-Sucker pumps.

Way to go! A safe waste oil collection system designed to help keep city bus running clean and improve maintenance. Photo courtesy of: United Industrial Services

Portable Waste Oil Recovery Pumps

Waste oil pump on military base

Waste oil pump on military base

Waste oil recovery and pumping is a hot topic right now in the world of pumps. For facilities with multiple storage tanks or sites, a portable pump may be a great option considering the alternatives. Traditionally vacuum pump trucks have been one of the only options available to transfer waste oil from tanks, cargo, tanker ships, on site storage facilities and more. This is no longer the case.

The Mud Sucker diaphragm pump system has a variety of sizes and options to transfer all kinds of waste oils no matter the size of the job or facility. For example, at this North American military base (pictured left), the customer uses Wastecorp’s Mud-Sucker 2F-MC diaphragm pump with wheel kit. This powerful pump is moved easily from site to site and transfers up to 25 GPM. With few moving parts and a contoured velocity channel, this pump is virtually maintenance free.

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