Pumping Wastewater in Nassau County

Pumping wastewater in Nassau County NY poses unique challenges. First the county borders Long Island Sound to the North and the Atlantic ocean to the south which can bring variations in both weather and the types of wastewater that need to be pumped. Nassau County is home to over 1.3 million residents with a mix of suburban residents and vacation properties. Continue reading

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Connecticut Pump Options

Wastecorp has proudly served Connecticut’s municipal and industrial pumping needs over over 20 years. From Darien, Derby, Hartford, Mystric and beyond our plunger pumps, diaphragm pumps trash pumps and now disc pumps work hard for the millions who indirectly depend on reliable pumping equipment to keep sewage in its place and water flowing. Continue reading

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Pumps in Upstate New York

It’s not often that we get to exhibit our wastewater pumps and systems so close to home. But during the week of April 14th Wastecorp will be exhibiting our new disc pumps, Mud Sucker Diaphragm pumps and Trash Flow Trash Pumps at the New York Rural Water Association annual technical conference at Turning Stone Casino in Verona, New York.
Continue reading

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Compare Double Disc Pumps With Single Disc Pumps

Since we launched the Sludge Pro Disc Pump product line, there have been several questions as to whether or not a single disc or double disc pump is more appropriate for a specific wastewater treatment application.

To be clear, there is not always a need for a double disc pump, a single disc pump will fit the pump specification properly. One of the reasons why consulting engineers and contractors have put the double disc pump specification in place is because there has only been one primary double disc pump manufacturer in the USA and Canada Continue reading

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Pumping Stringy Material at Wastewater Plants

Any wastewater treatment plant operator will typically tell you that one of the biggest hassles they face daily is pumping stringy material from a variety of sources. The problem here is that the material tends to get stuck in the impellers of trash pumps and wreak havoc on lobe pumps. Phil H. from Clyde, Texas tells us about his quest to find a better solution Continue reading

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How a Double Disc Pump Works

We have all seen the outside of a double disc pump but rarely do we see what makes the pump actually work. Just to review, a double disc pump is a positive displacement pump that uses a trunnion (elastomer), a disc and a connecting rod to force sewage from the suction side to the discharge side of the pump by creating a vacuum inside the pump body. The valve chambers with the black check valves you see in the photo help to manage higher than normal concentrations of grit and solids in municipal wastewater. Continue reading

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Double Disc Pumps and Municipal Sewage Pumping

For years, we have been asking wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) what they like about double disc pumps and what they don’t like. We have even been compiling a database with what regions of the USA and Canada have success with this type of pump for sewage and which areas have had more challenges.

One of the things that most WWTP’s say is that there has been limited competition in the specifications put out for bid by municipalities and consulting engineers working on wastewater projects. As we all know a monopoly in the pump industry is seldom a good thing for quality, innovation and of course pricing for pumps and parts. Continue reading

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Pulp and Paper Process Pumps and You

Pulp and paper processors, saw mills and carton companies have a challenge in finding the right pumping equipment for various parts of their processes. Mineral processing, log washing, fan pumps, effluent sumps and hot pond transfer are just some of the applications this industry faces. Operators often do not have all the information needed to select the right size and style of pumps needed for this variety of pumping needs around their facility. Continue reading

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Oil Water Separator Pumps

State-of-the art food processing facilities and the engineers who design them have a challenge in finding the right pumps and control panels to transfer process wastewater. This was the case for fast food restaurant chain White Castle’s brand new innovative processing center in Vandalia, Ohio USA. Wastecorp worked with White Castle, local contractor PAE and Associates (who specialize in Wastewater treatment plant construction) and Continue reading

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Pumping Out of Totes

You see them everywhere: tote tanks with steel or aluminum cages that temporarily store a variety of liquids including waste oil, septic waste, restaurant grease trap waste and industrial fluids. What many people don’t know is that having a proper diaphragm pump to transfer liquid both into or out of the tank can make all the difference in having safe and clean pumps out versus pump outs that leave the possibility that potentially hazardous liquids may contaminate your job site or drink water. Continue reading

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