Marine Pump Outs

We operate a saltwater marina and offer a sewage pump out service to our customers. We currently have a peristaltic pump out system but we are looking for something less complicated and more user friendly. We send the pumped out sewage through a magnetic flow meter, up to shore and to the public utility. We are billed by the utility based on our flow meter readings. Continue reading

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How to Pump Wet Wipes and Cooking Oil

In North America, municipal wastewater treatment operators routinely voice their concerns to Wastecorp about the use of wet pipes by the general public and then flushing them down the toilet. “Do you guys make a pump that can better handle the wet wipes” is a question Wastecorp frequently receives at our sludge pump call centers. Jim K. from Winston Salem North Carolina tells it like it is: Continue reading

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Aod Pumps: Repair it or Replace it?

“We are using Aod pumps side by side at our manufacturing facility to pump jelly type slurry wastewater and waste oil or a combination of that. These AOD pumps are costing us $1000 to $2000 a piece to rebuild. They provide poor performance and the energy costs are ridiculous. This is the 21st century, there has to be a better alternative!! What can Wastecorp offer? Tim K. – Everett, Washington Continue reading

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How to Pump Out and Have Potable Water With One Pump System

Hi, the DPW for LA City is looking for a more productive way to pump out septic waste and dirty standing water and then rinse the area after use. We would preferably want one pump and tank system to do the job. Continue reading

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New Diaphragm Pump Options for Malaysia

The Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pump is expanding its presence across Malaysia with a wide variety of our Global pump products available in Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Terengganu, Kota Bharu, Ipoh, Kerteh and Dungun. Our diaphragm pumps have made great headway replacing older technology air operated double diaphragm pumps (AODD pumps) across the country due to increased attention Continue reading

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Food Waste to Energy Pumps: What You Should Know

Our client is currently using progressive cavity pumps in a food waste to energy application. The problem is the seafood shells and other abrasive matter are destroying the rotors and costing the facility a fortune in repair costs. They are fed up and want another alternative. You were referred to us by another client who has used your plunger pumps with success for this application and suggested I call you. Continue reading

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My Summer With Lobe Pumps : A Series

The first visit to a wastewater treatment plant with lobe pumps was a shocker. $550,000 in replacement parts costs spent over the course of just 3-4 years. My response to the plant operator was, “you haven’t spent $550,000 in plunger pump parts over 30 years” so why is the consulting engineer specifying those types of pumps!” Continue reading

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Choices for Agricultural Wastewater Pumps

With agricultural wastewater pumping needs, both government and industry have the challenge of finding pumping equipment that can handle chemical based wastewater like insecticides and PH balancing solutions plus wastewater manure, hair and other solids. Continue reading

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Water Transport Systems for Cattle and Horse Ranches

Lately, Wastecorp has been receiving an influx of concerned phone calls from ranchers and farmers looking for portable water transportation systems to manage rainfall shortages across wide areas of farmland and grazing fields. In some areas of the Western United States and parts of Western Canada, drought like conditions is affecting everything from fruit and vegetable production to livestock numbers Continue reading

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Pumping Wastewater in Nassau County

Pumping wastewater in Nassau County NY poses unique challenges. First the county borders Long Island Sound to the North and the Atlantic ocean to the south which can bring variations in both weather and the types of wastewater that need to be pumped. Nassau County is home to over 1.3 million residents with a mix of suburban residents and vacation properties. Continue reading

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