Wastecorp Keeps Pumping Through New England Storm

The show was to kick off Wastecorp’s 2015 promotional campaign with its Sludge Pro Double Disc Pumps, Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pumps, Trash Flow Trash Pumps and Sludge Master Plunger Pumps. The NEWEA annual conference in January involves many of Wastecorp’s nearby Wastewater Treatment Facilities in Plymouth, Providence, City of Boston, Sandwich, City of New Haven Continue reading

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Trash Pump Manufacturing in North America

The trash pump manufacturing business is no different. But to companies like Wastecorp who has manufactured trash pumps, diaphragm pumps , plunger pumps and now double disc pumps on North American soil for over 20 years, we are slightly taken aback by the renewed focus. Continue reading

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Sap Pumping Equipment : Maple Syrup and Production pumps

We are quickly approaching the season where maple-sugaring equipment comes into high demand in Northern areas of the United States and Canada. As a pump manufacturer, Wastecorp sees two very common client needs: The first is to design and manufacture pumps for maple syrup farms with between 400 and 600 taps. The second… Continue reading

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Pumping Out Tanks With Diaphragm Pumps

You name the tank that needs to be pumped out and we have heard of at least a few customer applications that correspond with that tank. Underground septic tanks, lagoon transfer, transport truck tankers, locomotive tankers, waste pits and waste vegetable oil drums are among the most popular. What you have to keep in mind is that in most of these applications, you will need a pump that can easily maneuver in areas to access the discharge valve or at least some place where you can place the suction hose. Continue reading

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How to Use a Honey Wagon

Getting the most of your honey wagon pump out system will help you maximize your day-to-day productivity. In the video above you will see how to use the honey wagon to pump both into and out of the tank with the same pump. You will also see how easy it is to change the direction of flow when needed. Continue reading

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New Condensate Pumps for NYC WWTP Damaged by Sandy

This was just the case for Coney Island’s condensate vacuum pump operations located less than one hundred feet from an inland waterway that flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Salt water destroyed the existing Mud Hog diaphragm pumps, valve systems and electrical panels causing tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage. Continue reading

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What You Didn’t Know About Double Disc Pumps

Can a Double Disc Pump Have Ball Valves?
Yes. In fact, ball valve technology is helping to usher in the next era of double disc style pumps. The ball valves help to break up solids and make pumping thicker municipal sewage easier. The ball valves also make it much easier to maintain the pump. Continue reading

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Marine Pump Outs

We operate a saltwater marina and offer a sewage pump out service to our customers. We currently have a peristaltic pump out system but we are looking for something less complicated and more user friendly. We send the pumped out sewage through a magnetic flow meter, up to shore and to the public utility. We are billed by the utility based on our flow meter readings. Continue reading

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Why Do Some Water Trailers Have Black Tanks?

One of the most popular questions customers ask when trying to find the right water trailer for their needs is why do some water trailers have black or green tanks? Continue reading

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How to Pump Wet Wipes and Cooking Oil

In North America, municipal wastewater treatment operators routinely voice their concerns to Wastecorp about the use of wet pipes by the general public and then flushing them down the toilet. “Do you guys make a pump that can better handle the wet wipes” is a question Wastecorp frequently receives at our sludge pump call centers. Jim K. from Winston Salem North Carolina tells it like it is: Continue reading

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